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A new generation of waterborne, acrylic emulsion self-priming pool paint which can be applied over most types of pool coatings in good sound condition, as well as bare concrete (cured 60 days) or plaster surfaces. Environmentally friendly, low VOC. Can be applied to damp surfaces, dries quickly for recoating, and withstands continuous submersion in fresh and salt water. Resists mildew, algae, fresh and salt water, and sun tan oils. Refer to Insl-X swimming pool paint brochure for complete instructions regarding application. Suggested uses: Interior, exterior, fresh or salf water concrete pools, baby pools, etc. Allow paint to dry for a minimum of 5 days after final coat before filling outdoor pool. If it is an indoor pool, allow 10 days drying time in well circulated air before filling pool. 1 gallon covers approximately 250 - 300 sq. ft. Semi-gloss finish. Water-based pool paint may be tinted with up to 2 oz. of universal colorants.