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Footing Forms provide greater concrete-bearing capacity and footprint to ensure the safety, strength and stability of project. The excavation and placement of footing combined with column, backfilling and concrete pouring all in one day. The four parallel footing sidewalls easily facilitate the use of rebar without custom fabrication. Four structural points of contact to the ground make leveling easier. Our unique square design provides the strongest footing by distributing loads over a larger footprint, providing for future product design, such as conversion of a deck to a sunroom or addition it reduces swelling in areas with expansive soil conditions such as clay, sand, silt and other soils.
Brand Name: SquareFoot Material: Plastic Product Type: Concrete Footing Forms Height: 20 in. Width: 28 in. Length: 28 in. Diameter: 12 in. Concrete Bag Size: 60 lb. Number in Package: 1 pk Concrete Bags Required: 9 bag Conjunction Tube Diameter: 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch *Concrete Volume: 4.