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CWF is designed for use on quality exterior wood siding such as redwood, cedar, mahogany and cypress as well as quality deck lumber, cedar shakes and shingles. Oil base with penetrol. CWF penetrates the wood to protect against moisture absorption and UV attack. New rough-sawn and planed wood should be allowed to weather 6 months or until it begins to turn a uniform light gray color before applying CWF. The original wood color will be restored after a period of exposure to sunlight and moisture. Badly weathered wood that is dark gray or black in color should be cleaned with Dekswood prior to applying CWF. All old finishes and stains must be removed before applying CWF to achieve uniform results. Protect masonry, metal or painted surfaces, shrubs and plants before applying CWF. Covers up to 100 Sq. Ft. per gallon on rough-sawn wood or up to 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon on smooth wood. This item may be banned in certain states. Clean up with mineral spirits.