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Black Jack® Silver Seal 700 is a premium liquid applied aluminized roof coating. The high content of aluminum pigment forms a brilliant reflective and protective finish to your roof. This will reflect the suns heat and UV rays, which helps energy efficiency and enables to roof life to be extended.
Brand Name: Black Jack Sub Brand: Silver-Seal 700 Sheen: High-Gloss Color: Silver Coating Material: Fibered Aluminum Product Type: Roof Coating Container Size: 1 gal. Transparency: Solid Fiber Reinforced: Yes Durability: 7 Years VOC Level: 500 g/L Packaging Type: Pail Water Based: Yes Coverage Area: 50 sq. ft. Cold Application: No Super bright reflective finish *Gel formula liquid applied coating for faster application *Can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer **Tip size .040-.061 *1000-1500 PSI *Reflects to help reduce cooling costs *Protects and preserves roof surfaces *Solvent based