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The F1 Active Carbon Filter is stocked in all masks and features a 99.9% efficiency rating down to 0.1 micron. It's effective towards dust, fumes, allergens, smoke, odors, organic chemicals, and more. The filter has a long lifespan allowing the user to save costs and create less waste over time compared to disposables. This pack contains 3 replacement filters and fits a XL mask.
Brand Name: RZ Mask Respirator Type: Multi-Purpose Product Type: Replacement Active Carbon Filter Series: F1 Color: Gray Size: XL Number in Package: 3 pk Packaging Type: Boxed Adjustable Nose Clip: Yes Reusable: Yes Filtration: 99.9 percent Quick Release: Yes Consists of two filter layers- the outer particulate filter and the internal active carbon element *Traps particulates as small as .1 micron in size *99.9% effective *Common uses: Low intensity, fumes/odors *20-30 hours of continuous use with heavy dust exposure to things such as grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc. *30-40 hours