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Latex based, VOC, Trowel-grade, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic panel) adhesive is a low-odor, low-solvent, high strength, strong bonding, adhesive for interior applications. It will not attack foam insulation or burn through panels. Offers 45 minute working time. Wet adhesive can be removed with water; after adhesive has dried use mineral spirits. Recommended for bonding FRP panels to: Cured concrete, cement backer board, wood, green board, and drywall. Also recommended for bonding NRP ( non-reinforced plastic) Panels to above substrates. Not recommended for installing panels on painted surfaces, on wallpaper or for exterior use. Do not use on marble or granite. Coverage: 50 Sq. Ft. per gallon, 175 Sq. Ft. per 3.5 gallon. Color: Off White.