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Safe Step 4300 Dual Blend 12# Jug, Formulated with corrosion inhibitors. Reduces potential damage to metal and concrete, Sodium chloride based, Safe for people and pets when used as directed, safe when used as directed on air-entrained, cold weather concrete that is at least one year old, Contains magnesium chloride, Melts ice down to-7 degrees Fahrenheit /-21 degrees Celsius, fast-acting, enhanced melting power, safer to handle, gentler on skin, no need for goggles or gloves, established brand, 12 lbs. Plastic jug, enhanced melting action. Advanced blended formula. Corrosion inhibitors reduce damage to concrete and metal. It features a powerful combination. For all your ice melting needs, Safe Step is the proven choice. Safe Step offers a full-line of ice melters, each one specifically designed to meet a different need and price point. So no matter the temperature, no matter their budget, you can satisfy your customers' needs with a quality ice melter every step of the way. Help them