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PRODUCT: Series 5900 Brickmould NC DH Pair White/Black CHS Wood Sizes,OVERALL UNIT SIZE: 59.5" X 56.75",OVERALL ROUGH OPENING: 60" X 57.25",UNIT DIMS: Units 1 2: 29 1/2 x 56 3/4,CALL SIZES: Units 1 2: 2-4 x 4-6,GLASS: LowE-2 Single Strength(std) Argon,HARDWARE: White Hardware Double Lock,JAMB: Primed 6 9/16" EJ,FRAME/CASING: Black Bull-Nosed Sill,Egress: No 4.41 Sq. Ft.,IMPORTANT NOTE: The Exterior/Interior Frame Color in the quoting tool and the actual product color may differ. Refer to the United Chip color sample for actual color.,Series 5900 Brickmould NC DH Pair White/Black CHS Wood Sizes~Units 1 2: 2-4 x 4-6~Black Full Fiberglass Mesh Ship Screen Separate~LowE-2 Single Strength(std) Argon~UValue: Unrated SHGC: Unrated VT: Unrated PG: Unrated DP±: Unrated