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QT is a super-aggregated powder with polystryene aggregate providing a bold, rugged popcorn surface with a fine perlite-aggregated background. Produces a simulated acoustical ceiling finish but with no acoustical correction. Requires only the addition of water with no extended soaking or mixing. Provides good pumpability for fast, easy spray application. Bonds to new or old concrete, gypsum panels, and plaster. Levels minor surface irregularities, masks surface defects, and has superior resistance to fissure-cracking in normal thicknesses. Dries to a crisp bright white finish that usually is left unpainted on noncontact surfaces: May be overpainted if desired. Nonwashable unpainted. Not recommended in high humidity rooms such as kitchen and bath. Covers up to 8 sq. ft. per pound of dry mix when applied with appropriate spray equipment.