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Vinyl beads and trims are designed to provide superior, long lasting interior finishes for drywall and veneer plaster. These beads and trims are used to provide durable, corrosion- and impact-resistant edges, corners, arches, curvatures and numerous other finishing applications. Vinyl beads and trims continue to grow in popularity because they give architects, interior designers, and contractors much more flexibility to create dramatic, sweeping arches, curvatures and distinctive architectural details. Vinyl corner bead provides a finished edge at gypsum board stops around door and window openings and at ceiling intersections. Requires no joint compound. Rigid vinyl is not a thermal transmitter and helps stop condensation where board terminates at exterior metal surfaces, such as window frames and mullions. This vinyl trim is used to provide durable, corrosion and impact-resistant edges on many finishing applications. *
Brand Name: Amerimax Width: .5 in. Length: 10 ft. Material: PVC